What do you need to know online Hi-Lo and sic-bo?

What do you need to know online Hi-Lo and sic-bo?

SicBo online, also known as SicBo, is a betting game that is easy to play. Just guess if it is low or high (High or Low), the game originated from a group of Chinese construction workers in China. Which has engraved numbers On bricks or clay from numbers 1-6 until all 6 sides, then the numbered bricks were thrown into the ground. And guess what number will be drawn By the said game after having played each other It turned out to be a lot of fun among the workers. When times change Therefore, dice were introduced in place of burnt bricks and have been widespread in the nearby area ever since.

How to play Sic Bo online

  1. Specific Triple: You can bet on three such as three, you will win the bet if all three dice are drawn.
  2. Total Triple (Any Triple): You win this bet if all three dice come out of the same number regardless of the number.
  3. Specific Double: You win if two dice have the same number as you bet.
  4. Total: You win if the sum of the three dice is equal to the number you bet on.For example, if you bet the total of 12, you win if you get 3-4-5, 2-4-. 6, 4-4-4, 2-5-5, or others that add up to 12.
  5. Small: You win if the total sum of all three dice is between 4-10 but not three.
  6. Big: You win if the sum of all three dice is between 11-17, but must not be a triple.
  7. Two-Dice Combination: You can bet on two specific numbers such as 1 and 5, of which 2 dice must draw these 2 numbers.
  8. Single-Dice Bet: You win if at least one dice draws the number you bet.

The first step in learning a gambling game is to understand its variations. Then you will be able to use it to understand and play the game better. For the Sic Bo game You should be familiar with the layouts and points. Associated with each part of the table.

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Different parts of the Sic Bo table

  • Starting at the bottom of the Sic Bo table, there are 6 slots for betting. These areas show a number of bets ranging from 1 to 6. These bets offer less money but better odds than other bets.
  • The Sic Bo double bet is located at the center of the Sic Bo table layout. If you are interested in placing a double bet This is the part of the table that you should be looking for. Double bets are labeled on the left with an icon of 2 dice.
  • At the upper part of the Sic Bo table You will see a line of numbers. Instead, the indicator will show the total that may appear when you roll 3 dice. You bet the amount you think will appear on all 3 dice as soon as you roll. And at the top of the table are high-risk bets. The bets seen here include 2 bets (with payout odds of 11: 1), individual bets. (With a payout ratio of 30: 1) and all purpose bets. (With a payout ratio of 180: 1)
  • With the format of the game as a whole, it does not have any complicated or complicated ways to play. It is fun to play with predicting the points that will come out in each turn only. All of which, the system will record all the statistics to be seen. Which is considered a huge plus

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