1.General principles

1.1 These terms and conditions are binding on the game player with Starbet.Online. And other relevant areas are internet, mobile, or various types of access via Starbet.Online. And other websites That are relevant

1.2 Accessing the Website Starbet.Online Or other websites Related to Starbet.Online, whether it is access via computer, TV, mobile phone. By downloading any other device or device, by downloading, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth on the website. This Starbet.Online includes other terms and conditions (i) subscription terms, (ii) all wagering rules, (iii) our privacy policy and (iv) the rules of play for each game. (Hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions)

1.3 Please read the Terms and Conditions completely. By clicking "Agree", the Agreement will constitute your acceptance of all terms on our website. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions You must stop using the website.

1.4 By clicking "Agree" to the Terms and Conditions, you have read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions. Available on the website And these terms constitute an obligation between you. (User of the website) and Starbet.Online company

1.5 You understand and confirm to be bound by the terms and conditions herein and although this Agreement may be revised from us from time to time. Access to the website Starbet.Online Continuously you will be deemed to have accepted the changed terms and conditions. If you do not agree You must stop using it. Or notify to close your user account

1.6. Via Starbet.Online Has an opening license Proper online casino from Cambodia

1.7 These terms and conditions. It is an obligation between you and Starbet.Online

1.8 In the event that the terms and conditions Or the rules of various games Inconsistent Mainly stick to the latest updated information. And if there are any requirements Specified in the rules or conditions of the game play But the rule was not specified in These terms and conditions Everything remains to be considered in force between the user and the company.

1.9 You understand and confirm to be bound by the terms and provisions set forth herein, and, although this Agreement, may be subject to changes from us at any time.

1.10 Such amendments will take effect immediately upon publication on the Starbet.Online It is your sole responsibility to review this Agreement and any game rules that you choose to participate in in order to keep updated game information updated. You can refer to the time when the update was made. In which part of the contract indicates the date of the update Along with the order of the updated versions.

1.11 Relevant rules and explanations in the game of Starbet.Online Maintaining your account from the Starbet.Online The Privacy Policy and other important information are provided through the links found on the website. And is considered a reference to be shared with the terms and conditions of the company.

1.12 If referring to games of Starbet.Online In this agreement, Refers to casino games, and other games that may change over time. As shown on the website Starbet.Online The company reserves the right to add and remove games from the website at its discretion.

1.13 These terms and conditions. It has been published for the distribution of information and makes it easy for players to understand The Thai version will be based on the legal basis. Bond between you and Starbet.Online And in the event of any inconsistency between other language versions Will adhere to the terms and conditions in the Thai version.

2. Your member account

2.1. Your registration and membership application.

2.1.1. To play any game at Starbet.Online Users must be over 20 years of age to register or Register with Starbet.Online (Hereinafter referred to as "Player account")

2.1.2. Anyone residing in the Philippines, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Israel it is not allowed to open a player account with the website. Starbet.Online is available under any circumstances. Starbet.Online There are always audits of registered member accounts If found members who are registered from that country We will immediately close the member's account From the area where the member lives The ability of members to access the website Starbet.Online In the member's area Doesn't mean Starbet.Online Is an invitation to members to use services with us and Starbet.Online Bears no responsibility whatsoever for the actions of players that internet gambling is illegal in that area.

2.1.3.Starbet.Online Have the right to choose a provider of payment systems. Acting on receiving payments and or making payments on behalf of Starbet.Online

2.1.4. You are permitted to have only one membership account on this website. If you attempt to open more than one member account Any account that you have opened may be suspended or closed.

2.1.5. If you find that Your membership account has more than one account. With different names, members must inform Starbet.Online Got to know immediately

2.1.6. How to apply for membership will be done by filling out the registration form and sending it to Starbet.Online Online by Starbet.Online Reserve the right to consider and approve or not at the discretion of Starbet.Online

2.1.7. You must fill in all information given in the registration form, especially your name, surname, telephone number, line, bank ID and account number. All of which must be true. Name-Surname must match the account name that Starbet.Online Can be sure that the information you entered Is it correct? Which you consent to the way Starbet.Online Audits can be conducted either from the company itself or through other related companies. To verify the player's deposit You may be asked to send documents such as a copy of your passport or a money transfer slip. Starbet.Online Your membership account may be suspended or closed if you do not provide information or documents as the company provides. Or if such information or documents that you supply It has been investigated and found to be documents that are false or are intended to be misleading from the facts.

2.1.8. As part of registration, you will choose to use your username or password to access the website. It is your sole responsibility to keep your information confidential. And does not disclose such details to anyone on Starbet.Online Not responsible for any infringement of your privacy. In the event of another person's access due to the case where members disclose their information to the public Whether it was an act on purpose Or not intentionally, either directly or indirectly

2.1.9. You are not permitted to transfer funds from your member account to another member's account. Or receiving money from someone else's account into your member account

2.1.10.Starbet.Online does not allow Player Account Sale / Transfer. And / or register, give or use other people's information in the registration process.

2.2. Deposit money into your member account.

2.2.1. You may participate in any game. Only if you have enough money in the system to participate in that bet on Starbet.Online. No credit will be given to members to play the game.

2.2.2. All information necessary to fund your membership account can be viewed at "My personal information" "deposit money" of the website You can deposit by any of the methods specified on the website page. Which may be constantly changing And may not be available in some countries

2.2.3. Some forms of deposit may incur a fee depending on the method. Your bank may charge different fees for wire transfers or other payments.

2.2.4.Starbet.Online Reserve the right to further verify your identity When there is a deposit to the member account

2.2.5.Starbet.Online Does not grant any credit for the use of the service.

2.2.6. The balance of your member credit account will not be charged any interest.

2.3. Account management

2.3.1.Starbet.Online Be the manager of your member account system Calculate the amount of your bet Or offer to bet Which will represent ("Savings in the system") and calculates ("Stake money"), as well as managing the payout each time the game is played between you and other members.

2.3.2. Stakes in your member account that have not yet been used for wagering are considered "active" accounts and are the maximum amount that you can bet on a particular game.

2.3.3. Starbet.Online calculates the accounts (“Savings”) and (“Stakes”) in accordance with the terms and conditions. And is considered an end No mistake And no further investigation will be undertaken.

2.3.4. If you have placed a bet on the website Starbet.Online via Starbet.Online The bets will be kept in the system until the result of the winner is announced. During this period, any bets you participate in cannot be canceled or withdrawn. Starbet.Online

2.4. Payouts

2.4.1. If you receive the results of the games you are participating in on Starbet.Online. It will confirm the results related to that item. And the winning results will be included in all events. Apply to your membership account.

2.4.2. If Starbet.Online Mistakenly credited money to your account. Without which you did not win the game Whether it is a technical failure, person or others, the amount is the property of the agency. Starbet.Online And the amount will be transferred from your account. If before the way Starbet.Online Will be aware of such mistakes that have occurred You have made withdrawals of that amount without your ownership. Regardless of the potential legal consequences The payment made in error that occurs, the company defines money that must be reimbursed from you. Starbet.Online In all cases of wrong money being given Members must have the duty to inform the way. Starbet.Online Get informed instantly through the easiest contact channels.

2.5. Withdrawing money from your personal account.

2.5.1. You may withdraw any amount depending on the amount. “Stakes available” in your account in Starbet.Online By performing through the designated contact channels Along with providing the correct withdrawal amount in case you deposited money without receiving any bonus.

2.5.2. Withdrawals must be made through the contact method designated by Starbet.Online Withdrawals coming from the phone will not be accepted. Or by email. In addition, employees of Starbet.Online This process cannot be ignored.

2.5.3. If a player of Starbet.Online Withdrawal requests may incur costs. It depends on the type of withdrawal you have selected. You can withdraw the money you earn from winning betting games. Withdrawals will be made by the company method. For various fees In which to withdraw money Your bank may incur various fees. Additional fees and charges are subject to change.

2.5.4.Starbet.Online We reserve the right to provide your withdrawal method. It is the same method that you used to deposit money into the system.

2.5.5.Starbet.Online May request documents that can verify and identify you on withdrawal.

2.5.6. Before the withdrawal is processed. Members' bets will be examined for fraudulent wagers. Betting on a tie game is zero profit or a hedge bet. In the event that Starbet.Online Any fraud detected Starbet.Online has the right to immediately suspend any withdrawal and / or deduction of winnings and bonuses from members' accounts with which we will notify you.

2.5.7. The member cannot withdraw the transaction. If the player has not made the turnover to match the bonus Starbet.Online Have the right to suspend or cancel the bonus to members. In the event that members Is counted It is one of the group members who are not eligible for any bonuses.

2.5.8.Starbet.Online Will send money back to members via the account that players use to deposit money into only Which must be the player's own bank account

2.6.Closing your member account

2.6.1. You may close your account at any time and Starbet.Online All funds in your account will be refunded, subject to a deduction in connection with the withdrawal. To close your account you will be required to cancel any bets that have been made and remain in the system.

2.6.2. The method of repayment will be at our discretion.

2.6.3.Starbet.Online We reserve the right and correctness to close your account and refund the portion of the account. "Stakes available" and withdrawal fees are still charged by Starbet.Online. It has sole discretion and does not require prior notice.

2.6.4.Starbet.Online We reserve the right and correct to keep or terminate the bonus. If the bonus is not used within the specified period of time specified by the bonus.

2.6.6. In the event that a player uses the bonus to play games that are unable to use the benefits from the said bonus, Starbet.Online. We reserve the right to reject a withdrawal request. Bonuses and winnings will be canceled without prior notice. And temporarily suspend the user account If it is found that any act contrary to this rule

3. Your obligations as a player

3.1.You declare and verify yourself that:

3.1.1. You are an individual who has reached 20 years of age or is referring to the minimum legal age based on the majority of individuals. If the conditions are met You have the right to participate in the games from the website.

3.1.2. You will use this website. And becoming a member is the main purpose of joining is for playing games only. And it is not an action foreseeable to cause any other consequences related to finance or other processes. For the purpose of your participation in the game Limited to a hobby Or activities to enhance fun Or only for recreation

3.1.3. You participate in the Games for your own purpose and not for any other person.

3.1.4. The Member confirms that he is not residing in the Philippines, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Israel.

3.1.5. All information that you provide to us. Starbet.Online During the period when this Agreement is valid, complete and effective. You need to clarify with the way. Starbet.Online Know immediately in the event of any change in information

3.1.6. You have the sole right and duty to report and pay the taxes you are involved in in accordance with the law in the event of a winnings from the Site. Starbet.Online

3.1.7. Money deposited into the User Account will not be involved in any illegal activities. And in particular, it must not be illegally received.

3.1.8. You understand that your participation in the Games is It is a risk that may result in the loss of the deposit. In the money you have deposited into your member account

3.1.9. You are not involved in any fraudulent activity. Conspiracy to misuse or commit any act With you and others involved Which is against the rules No gaming aids or techniques or gaming hardware are used on Starbet.Online. We reserve the right to cancel or close your membership account. Or not approving you to participate in games or activities As a result of the actions described above

3.1.10. In connection with any deposit or withdrawal from your member account. You are the sole right to spend any other legally available money and you must be the legitimate owner.

3.1.11. Software provided to the players via Starbet.Online is owned or may be of any third party. However, various programs That has defined these copyright laws. You may use the software for your personal purposes. Or to use as a hobby Which is in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth Comply with the rules And other relevant regulations

3.1.12. Behavior of playing games through the website. You should be polite to other players and on behalf of Starbet.Online You should keep in mind and avoid using abusive language and conversations that occur in chat rooms.

3.1.13.Starbet.Online Reserves the right to withhold any withdrawal. And all bet winnings, including bonuses are considered void. If any of the following occurs:

The casino system has a technical problem or failure. Starbet.Online We cannot guarantee that the services Will not damage Or any problems However, we will fix any glitches as soon as possible. After we were aware of the flaws

There was a malfunction of the random number generator system that we have been using in our games and products. The number of games or the amount of winnings occurring is large. Due to game provider crashes or system crashes And members can place bets on the website of Starbet.Online

4. What rights do you have over your information?

If you have an account on this website or have left comments, you can request an export file of the personal data we hold about you, including any information you have provided to us, you can request that we delete your personal data. This also does not include any information that we are required to collect for administrative, legal or security purposes.

5. Special terms and conditions

5.1. This section will discuss the rules. Regulations and provisions in contract for a specific game. This can be found in the links that appear on the same page. And in accordance with the terms and conditions And we will assume that you have accepted the rules After clicking on the button "I agree" as shown on this page

6.Privacy Policy

6.1. You accept and agree to Starbet.Online Performed in various fields Relating to your personal information For the purpose of enabling you to access the website Allows you to play the game And provide any other important services From our website

6.2.Starbet.Online Will protect your personal information and respect your privacy Which is in accordance with business principles And applicable law

6.3.Starbet.Online Your personal information will be used in the event of allowing you to play games. And actions related to joining the game

6.4.Starbet.Online Will process your personal information in the event that the company wishes to investigate In which case it is for you to have access to the game.

6.5. Your personal information will be kept confidential. Unless it is necessary to process your request in cases such as processing transactions related to the member. Or joining the game Including checking and confirming member information to be transparent Or in other cases Which must adhere to the principles of law While business partners or business associates and service companies in various areas of Starbet.Online There may be some functions of controlling or operating the website. Or personal information Therefore, such information is essential to be made available to these companies, assuming that you hereby consent to such disclosure.

6.6. You have the right to have access to the personal information that appears in Starbet.Online

6.7. You must notify Starbet.Online To amend your personal information to change any information that is different from your initial registration with us at You have applied to be a member.

6.8. In order to provide you with efficient service. Starbet.Online And service providers may transmit personal information from one country to another, depending on the principles that are standardized around the world. You agree that your information can be transferred to such information.

6.9. In the membership management process, Starbet.Online They may contain information about the Financial Status Auditing Unit or the Psychiatric Unit. And anti money laundering That have the right to collect information relating to you You agree that your information can be disclosed to various organizations.

6.10. In order to make the use of the website easier for the user. And in order to count the number of people accessing the system Including the development of various services on Starbet.Online Has gathered various information Received from your browser By various information The information sent to us is called a cookie, if you wish to change it, you can disable the collection of such cookies (you may learn how to do this in the manual for each of your browsers at However, if you disable cookies, access may be restricted for certain websites.

6.11. You consent to Starbet.Online Inform you about website changes, new services and promotions if you do not want to receive information from us. You may cancel the use of such services. But you can still receive news information

7. Contact us

7.1. If a Player has any questions about Starbet.Online Players can contact our customer service representative via the method of their current contact, our customer service representative will review and answer your questions. In case of any transaction question Which you may not agree with Starbet.Online Decision from the discretion of Starbet.Online Will be final

8. Limit of Responsibility

8.1.The decision to use the website services of the players Will be considered at the player's own risk Websites and games That we have provided Not considered a guarantee of any kind

8.2. Provision of all services of the website. Starbet.Online via Starbet.Online Or those involved Be it executives, employees or employees, partners, companies that work with. Starbet.Online Shall not be held liable for any damage incurred. Whether it happened both directly or indirectly From using the service or playing games with Starbet.Online Of the player himself

8.2.1.You agree and accept responsibility for any damages arising from the use of the service. Starbet.Online And from any operation Related to Executive, employee or employee, partner, company they work with Starbet.Online

9. Money Laundering Problem Report

9.1. If a player encounters any problems or activities That may involve money laundering in your use of our website or games services. The player is responsible for reporting the incident. Starbet.Online Immediate acknowledgment

9.2.Starbet.Online A player's account may be locked, suspended or closed. Including the withdrawal of money from the account is not allowed. If a player's account is found to be involved in money laundering This is to prevent money laundering that may occur.

9.3. Any act That fall into or suspect money laundering The company reserves the right to audit all. The company has the right to forfeit money in the member's account as well. Or they may transfer the amount to an organization that has control or audit power.

10.Breaches, penalties and account closure

10.1. If a player breaches any of the rules of these Terms and Conditions. The company has the right to act For penalties such as account suspension, player account closure, account withdrawal. (Including the money deposited by members) and forfeit money if the member violates it. Causing damage afterward

10.2. If Starbet.Online Suspect or find that a player is attempting to defraud the service on the website. That is considered the player has breached the rules of these terms and conditions. And the player's account is considered unreliable. Starbet.Online The player's account may be suspended. Or close the account permanently And cancel all bets that are still pending in the system

10.3. The Player agrees that in the event that the Player is in breach of the rules, terms and conditions of Starbet.Online The Company's discretion is final. And may result in The company has closed the player account. And no longer allows players to use the services on our website

11.Intellectual property

11.1.Starbet.Online Are the intellectual property of the company Whether it is a logo Or any trademark If the players or any person use it without the written permission of the company. The company has the right to sue such person.

11.2.www.Starbet.Online is the URL of Starbet.Online. And not allowing anyone to use it for various benefits Or used on other websites Without the written permission of the company

11.3.Starbet.Online Own the license And owns the rights to technology, software and systems and designs. Used on our website

11.4. Messages on the website of Starbet.Online The copyright of the company is © and all databases are owned by the company. This copyright also covers text, graphics, code, files and links. That appears and belongs to Starbet.Online The company does not allow any person to Imitated or imitated Either part or every part that appears on the website. Using the Services on the Player's website It does not mean that players have the right to copy any information on our website.

11.5 Linking to our website Or any part of the website Without written permission Will be considered a violation of these terms and conditions

11.6. Players agree not to use automated systems. Or any device To control the website Starbet.Online If such action occurs or is considered the company has the right to sue.

12. Void

12.1. If any of these terms and conditions are unlawful or unenforceable. Such agreement will be void. And other agreements Still considered valid

13. Assignment

13.1.Starbet.Online Reserve the right to assign or forward this contract. Players cannot transfer any rights. Can give to others

14. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

14.1. These Terms and Conditions. It is a mutual agreement between the companies. Starbet.Online and players, we have various records. The Player has done with the Website, whether from person, system, program, etc. All these actions are applicable between the Player and the Website.

14.2. These terms and conditions. Considered to be effective in any form Via electronic tools Printed as documents or otherwise and the company assumes the players accept all terms and conditions